The Arrow & The String is writer/director Tim Swaddling's first feature length film project.  Made in partnership with The Dot Film Company, Studio 5 Digital & Film Guild and Circle Box Pictures, the film was filmed on digital video in the late summer of 2009 on locations throughout Windsor, Ontario.  The film was produced on a low budget

Swaddling's initial objectives for the film were to gain the experience of writing and directing a feature length project after coming off production of three short subjects.  While making the transition from student to his post-University life, the script looked at reconciling who you once were with the person you've become and hope to be in the future.  The script was written in the late winter and completed in early spring of 2009.  

Utilizing the support of the Department of Communications, Media and Film's Studio 5 facilities at the University of Windsor, the crew consisted of past, present and upcoming Studio 5 advanced level film and video production students.  Swaddling himself graduated from the University of Windsor's Visual Arts & Communications Studies program in 2008 after making three successful short films with Studio 5, Frog Fortuna, Upstairs and The Case Of The Missing Artistic Integrity.  The modest sized crew featured a rotation of roles to suit longer shooting schedules during the film's three week production period from mid-August to early September 2009.  

Lead actors Noah Davis and Laura MacDonald were picked from auditions held in Toronto.  Supporting actors Bob McGuire, Jeff Williams and Marshall Sfalcin were cast in Windsor.  Sfalcin is known in the area for his work on the Ten Dollar Tales series.  McGuire had previously worked with Swaddling as an actor in two of the director's short film projects.  Williams makes his film acting debut in this film, having previous acting experience in theatrical productions.  

Throughout the film are select photographs by Governor General award winning Windsor artist Iain Baxter& from his 2006 retrospective series, Passing Through: Iain Baxter& Photographs, 1958-1983, an exhibition curated by the Art Gallery of Windsor.  Swaddling has worked with Baxter& previously on archival projects.  Baxter& makes a brief appearance as himself in the film.

The Arrow & The String premieres at the 2010 Windsor International Film Festival at the Capitol Theatre.